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Top 7 Web Series You Should Watch

Along with development, as we all know that the choice of people also changes to a great extent, now let’s take the example of movies, like in earlier times movies are seen in black n white screen, but as development progressed then color The screen was created and the choice of the same people became the color screen, in the same way as seen at the present time, movies have been upgraded as web series, now more and more people are liking to watch web series. Now web series does not mean that all web series will be good, some series are good and some are bad, so basically in this blog we are going to tell you about top 7 web series so that your time will also be saved in choosing a right movie. what you must see.

Scam 1992

In Top 7 Best Web Series, if the name of scam 1992 based on Harshat Mehta’s biography is not named, then it cannot happen, Pratik Gandhi, who is playing the role of Harshat Mehta in this series, has played the character of Harshat Mehta brilliantly, dialogues Speaking in a better style and natural acting has fascinated all the people. Before this series, Pratik Gandhi as a lead actor was seen in very few movies, then “Hansal Mehta Jai ​​Mehta” scam him recognizing his talent. In 1992, he got a chance to work as a lead actor and he got success on his hopes.

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Now let’s come to our second explosive series, which is mirzapur, although two parts of mirzapur have been made and if seen, both the parts are very good, if you are a fan of action crime thriller then you must see Mirzapur in this series. You will get to see very good acting performance, which you get to see in very few movies, if seen in terms of content, then this series competes with many Bollywood movies, in which you get to see a lot of action along with natural acting.

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The family man

Let’s talk about our third blockbuster series named the family man. In this series you get to see Manoj Bajpayee as a lead actor. By the way, Manoj Bajpayee is one of the best actors who has worked in many superhit movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Bhonsle, satya etc. Now let’s talk about the startcast of this series, in this series you will get to see very good actors and actresses who are famous for their best acting like Samantha Akkineni, Priyamani, Sunny Hinduja etc.

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The next web series is Asur which was not noticed in the beginning but this series turned out better than expected. The director of this series is Pavel Bhattacharjee who is professionally known as Pavel who primarily works in Bengali-language films. Talking about the starcast, you will get to see a lot of famous actors like Arshad Warsi, Gaurav Arora, Barun Sobti etc.

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Special ops

Our next web series is special ops which is a series based on the victim of terrorist attacks as we all know that there have been many terrorist attacks in India by Pakistan and keeping all these things in mind, a real incident This series has been made above, you must watch this series because first thing it is based on the right incident and secondly after watching this series you will get awareness about your country.

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Our next series is Aarya, this series is perfect for you to spend your time properly, if you want, you can also watch this series with your family because there is no bad scene in it, the story of this series is bhagwat gita It shows some of the things that Lord Vishnu said by arjun still provide solutions in the lives of people, if we talk about the starcast of the series, then in this you will find Sushmita Sen, Virti Vaghani, Namit Das and more. Actors you will get to see in this series.

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Paatal lok

Before watching this series, you need to keep some things in mind, that is, you cannot watch this series with family at all and if you are 18+ then only you can watch this series, talk about the starcast of the series. That’s why you will get to see well-known actors in this with their best performances like Jaideep Ahlawat, Abhishek Banerjee, Anindita Bose, Neeraj Kabi etc. The special thing about this series is that everything is shown as real without spices and at the same time. Openly the corruption happening in the country has been shown directly.

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Although saree web series is worth watching but you have to keep one thing in mind that you cannot watch every web series with family and before watching every web series you have to check whether it is for 18+ people or not, so that You can watch that series only if you are 18+

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