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Top 5 Best Bollywood Movies For Student In 2021

As we know that movies are a very good source for entertainment, if you watch movies then everyone likes to watch because depression and stress has increased so much in today’s life that people may not enjoy the source of enjoyment anywhere Everybody’s choice is different as if someone likes a romantic movie then someone likes an action movie. In today’s date, there are many movies that are made to inspire the student like three idiot, chichore etc. These movies are specially made for the students who are very much anxious about taking their life. He is always thinking about his life and remains alert. So basically in this blog you will be told about those movies which students must watch because we know that movies can be the best option to motivate students because students are not looking for anything else for their motivation. You can go yes, you can say that there are many motivational videos available on google or youtube, but very few students search. So movies are the best option to inspire the students and in this blog you will be told about the top 7 movies, if you are a student then you must watch.

Three idiot

  If the name of “three idiot” is not mentioned in the super hit movie of 2009, it cannot be done that this movie is based on the life of complete students, that is, the message has been given to the student by this movie that the student will always be the same He should do that in which he has interest because then that work does not look like work to him, rather it looks like sports and that work can be done in long term. So this movie basically tells about these things. Many people would have seen this movie basically, but if you have not, then you must have seen it

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If you talk about the most super hit movie of 2019 then it is Chhichhore which is one of the best movie of sushant singh rajput, this movie is based completely on students, in this movie, comedy is going to get as much as you can. Can not do and learn too is given very well in this movie The director of this movie is Nitesh Tiwari who has given very good movies to bollywood. In one of his movies, “Chillar Party”, he also achieved a national award. Talking about the story of this movie, there is a boy who works very hard in his studies but for some reason he fails and gets home. Sushant jumps from the building to play the role of the boy’s father. The boy goes into a coma because of the leap, then Sushant tells him the story of his collage and makes him feel that losing or winning in life means Doesn’t matter how much we try it matters. So if you have not seen this movie then definitely watch.

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Super 30

Now to talk about Super 30 movie, basically this movie is based on a maths teacher, in this movie, playing a maths teacher, you will see hritik roshan who is very expert in maths subject and he is in a big institute. as a teacher do the job but when they see the poor children then they realize that those poor children do not have any money at all for studies, then they open their own institute to teach those poor children but their Previous institue, ie, where maths teacher used to work earlier, he did not like this thing at all, then he used to attack this teacher repeatedly so that he would close his own institute and come back to him. So basically this movie will give you a lot of dedication and you will also be inspired a lot. Now let’s talk about the forcast of this movie, the director of this movie is Vikas Bahl who has won three national awards and one filmfare award.

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The next movie is basically for students but it can be said that teachers are also inspired in this movie, in this movie basically a very dirty batch of a school which no teacher wants to teach, then no teacher in the same school Comes who is assigned only to teach that bad batch and that teacher is ready to teach those students, then in the beginning of the movie, the students try to educate a lot of the teacher but still that teacher gives them Attempts to teach, then slowly a time comes in which the teacher and the students are connected to each other and that teacher teaches them in their own way and gets them to pass the exam. After which they become successful in their life too. Now let’s talk about the main characters of Hichki movie, in this movie you will get to see as a lead actress rani mukarji who is playing the role of teacher and in this movie you will also see famous actor asif basra, neeraj kabi sachine pilgoankar, supriya pilgoankar and other famous actors you will see this movie is this movie director Siddharth Malhotra ji.

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Bhaag Milka Bhaag

This movie “Bhaag Milka Bhaag” full of powerful motivation is a film made on the life of Milka singh ji, in which you will get to see all the struggles, compromises of Milkha ji. The most important thing shown in this movie is Milkha ji’s dedication, due to which today he is at this stage. So the story of the movie begins from the childhood of Milkha ji when he was a small child and from that time he used to run to school. From that time onwards Milkha ji was very fond of running, then he got a chance to join the army when he grew. And after that how did he run in the country for Madel Zeta, you must see in the movie Now to talk about the starcast of the movie, the director of this movie is Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who is known as a very good screen writter and director, the lead actor of this movie is Farhan who is playing the role of actor Milkha singh. Sonam Kapoor will also be seen in the movie, and other famous actors like prakash raj, japtez singh, KK Raina are also going to be seen in this movie.

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